The Last 15 Days of Sanity

By the end of President Obama’s first year in office, the economy, which had been in free fall when he took over from President Bush, was beginning to recover, mostly due to improvements resulting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009.  (The ARRA isContinue reading “The Last 15 Days of Sanity”

Last 18 Days of Sanity

According to Gallup, President Obama’s first quarter approval rating of 63% was the fourth highest since the metric was first recorded in 1953. Only Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Carter -in that order – had higher approval ratings during the first quarter of their Presidencies. Notwithstanding an inauguration day meeting of Congressional Republicans  where they made aContinue reading “Last 18 Days of Sanity”

The Last 19 Days of Sanity

I’m going to be lazy today. Before I move on from Inauguration Day 2009, I’m simply copying and pasting from Wikipedia the list of performers at We are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, held on January 18, 2009: “The event was musically directed by Rob Mathes of the Kennedy Center Honors.Continue reading “The Last 19 Days of Sanity”

Last 20 Days of Sanity

Election Day 2008 was history and President-elect Obama went to work selecting his new cabinet.  As with everything he has done, President Obama’s cabinet selections were intelligent, thoughtful choices. He chose people who were not only experienced and qualified, but also who believed in, and were committed to, the missions of the agencies they wereContinue reading “Last 20 Days of Sanity”

The Last 21 Days of Sanity

In 21 days insanity will reign over our country when a thin-skinned, man-child who, in the opinion of medical experts, suffers from mental illness will become the President of the United States. He has assembled a cabinet that has been aptly referred to as the “wrecking crew.”  His cabinet appointments are mainly billionaire naysayers, fewContinue reading “The Last 21 Days of Sanity”

Post Debate Thoughts and Fears

After wondering for over a year, how anyone could possibly take Donald Trump seriously as a Presidential candidate, he demonstrated for 100 million viewers last night why that question begs to be asked. He grimaced, he pouted, he sniffed, he sighed, and he drank a lot of water. Then it was his turn to speak.Continue reading “Post Debate Thoughts and Fears”